In order to participate you must have a camera and film to take pictures of the birds to prove
that you saw them. You are allowed to take one picture of each bird each time you encounter it.
Cameras and film are available for purchase in the store.

Instructions for Camera Use

If you find a bird in the jungle do the following:

1. Take a picture by clicking the collect button. Make sure it is the one you want - you can only collect one bird per trip!

2. For each picture taken, one exposure of film will be used. The number of exposures left on your roll of film is recorded in your greenhouse.


There are two winners each month.

1. At the beginning of each month there will be a post made in the adoptables general forum at PI.

2. To win: you must post the name of each bird photograph you have in the bird-watching contest thread. The person who has the most photographs of different species total wins. HOWEVER - NEW!! - If you are chosen as the winner - your bird photographs will be taken away in trade for the prize seed. (meaning you have to start at the bottom in collecting again)

3.You don't have to take the photograph yourself, you just have to own the photograph. Bird photographs can be traded amongst the competitors/noncompetitors like baseball cards. You may not sell photographs, but you may trade them for other bird photographs (not ingredients or other items) by using the trade function in your greenhouse account.

Free wild seed pony with guaranteed rump patch mutation or 1 pollinator

You can win once every other month (if you win in April, you can also win in June).