Once seed ponies become adults they can have their own baby seeds.

-- In order for seeds to be produced you must have two items: a male and female pair of the same breed (you don't need to own both seed ponies) and a pollinator. You personally must own the pollinator unless you have made arrangements with another user. Pollinators can be found on jungle tours (see the jungle tours page for instructions). If you are using other people's seed ponies it is customary to talk to them before hand and pay their requested breed fee.

--A seed pony must have a name before it can breed.

--The mother and father can raise a seed once every two months. Pregnancy lasts five days.

--Body and hair colors are hereditary, but are not based on hex numbers. The baby will usually turn out to be the best combination of both parents. Extreme example: yellow seed pony + red seed pony = orange seed pony. You cannot get a pure yellow or pure red pony from that combination - it will be some shade between the two in varying degrees depending on what I feel looks best.

--Mutations - special coat markings or extra physical features happen by chance naturally and are heritable. For more in depth information on mutations and how they pass onto offspring please see the mutation section.

--Mutation fertilizers cannot be used on a breeding pair's seed UNLESS both parents are wild seeds with no mutations. You are allowed to use the male+, female+, or color fertilizers for any pairing.

--To request for a breeding to take place please use the breed request function on your account page and send in the pollinator fee to manajaq.


Pollinators can be found in the jungle or through special contests and events. Pollinators can only be used once but do not need to be used immediately. Pollinators will be stored in the the owner's greenhouse until it is used. Currently there are two known types of pollinators:
Normal pollinator: produces one seed. (In some cases, a cactacorn will produce twins with the normal pollinator.) Fee to use normal pollinator: 200 Jungle Pebbles. Please send fee to manajaq.
Twin pollinator: guarantees twins. This pollinator is much more rare than the normal pollinator. Fee to use twin pollinator: 300 Jungle Pebbles. Please send fee to manajaq

Expecting parents

None currently.