The Explorer's Club

Welcome to the Explorer's Club! This club is for jungle trekkers and provides exclusive benefits for your seed ponies. Each member is awarded points for their discoveries - explorer points. Read on to learn about the point system and benefits.

Explorer Point System

--------Explorer points are awarded to seed ponies who venture into the jungle with their owners. You must own a seed pony to be a member.

-------In order to earn explorer points you sign up your seed pony in your account. (You may change the explorer seed pony at any time.)

------Explorer points are like experience points for your seed pony. They can be accumulated but not subtracted. Experience points travel with the seed pony wherever it may go.

-------Only one seed pony per owner may earn explorer points at one time.

Points are awarded when you discover:

---fertilizer ingredients: Common: 1 points. Rare: 3 points.

---birds (need to be photographed) 2 points each

---pollinator: 1 point


25 points: pony is awarded a special armband, hoof, or cheek tattoo of the owner's design (within reason)

50 points: the seed pony's next offspring is guaranteed to show two random mutations.

100 points: Changed on May 22nd 2009. The seed pony that earned these points is awarded one free breed (You do not have to pay the pollinator fee or provide the pollinator). You must make the pairing arrangements and this reward does not cover breed fees posted by the owner of the other seed pony.

125 points: the seed pony is awarded with a species specific item. Kaier - feathers tied in their hair. Nymphush - flowers in hair, or lei. Cactacorn - tail bracelets.

Accumulation Awards .
- Please go to the seed pony forum to post your requests in the appropriate board. Click here to go to the seed pony forums.

Every 10 points - 1 free fertilizer ingredient of your choice

Every 20 points - 1 free fertilizer of your choice, mixed and ready to use