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Watching through a Pet Eyes
06-17-2007, 05:43 AM
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Watching through a Pet Eyes
I been working on these before I got a hold a of a pollinator. This is all made up and not really.

This is all told from the cats point of view.

Title: The Hunt
Author: SilverStar2
Rating (G, PG, PG-13): G
Word Count: No Clue
Summary: A cat watching his owner trying to get a pollinator to get her dream.

I sit on the window ledge looking out towards the empty large greenhouse. Many flowers and trees are planet inside the greenhouse that my owner taken great care of that greenhouse and yet she is heart broken and sad by one thing. I perk up towards the door slamming loudly. It must have been another defeat in the jungle to grab one of those pollinators she so badly wanted. I shall comfort her like I normal do. Oh, how rude of me I have yet to tell you who I?m and what I?m. I?m General, a hansom Russian Blue cat if I do say so myself. My owner, Meredith has been on the hunt for pollinators and other jungle items to get a seed pony. Everyone on here on Sunny Isle has or has own a seed pony. My owner has none, nothing all she has are jungle items and photos. She tries her best to win the contest and other entry?s for one but the judges always over look her and gives the new seed to an owner or a friend of an owner that has none. It sad really, how can humans over look one?s desire? Can?t they not see her burning passion, her determine nature, and her love towards these creatures that she tries hard daily! Humans can be so cruel indeed even those that has pollinators keep them to themselves not selling them just keeping them in a jar while other humans like my owner tries to find one in vain with no luck one what so ever. I can?t understand this selfish desire to keep those things when they should help those in need. Should they not spread the joy that they have when they got their own pollinator to get their first seed? Should they not spread that joy to others? Of course not they are been selfish and rude along with been cruel for turning her down. I shall go comfort her, you may come if you wish to see how beautiful my owner. To me she is beautiful and perfect to me since she bought me in the local pet shop where seed pony would get pets. I was always over look since I was so tiny, then she came along and took me home with her. I await my seed companion As we travel down the hallway notice all the lovely artwork on the wall? My owner drew them all, she is quite talented she is or to me. Other humans have odd taste in artwork indeed but I don?t mind the classic art she has hanging around here either. She has many different art works from around the world. Ah there she is sitting in her chair, or as I call it the magic wonder chair. She and I love that chair it vibrates to relax the muscles and heats up as well; it does wonders for her but amazing treatment on me. Look at her; she is lovely her hair is dark chocolate with matching warm eyes that make me purr so happily. She has a nice round face that is frame with glasses. She looks good with them, other say she looks better without them. They don?t know her as well as I do so she looks good with them. She has on her favorite t-shirt a dark blue shirt that one size larger than her normal body; she must have changed her pants. She normal has jeans on but it looks like she has her comfy pants. I like her comfy pants they are warm when I sit on them, I shall go sit in her lap. You may stay if you want I shall go sit in her lap and offer my love along with support to her. I walk over calmly and yet quickly to offer my love to her. I crouch then leap into her lap. She lets out a soft gasp and I lean up to lick at her tears, she laugh feeling my tongue on her face but it makes her happy. So I?m happy to hear her laughter and see her smile. I press my face into her face given out my loving purr to her. I feel those figures run across my head and touching the base of my ears. Ah I love how she hit that spot on my ears, I enjoy it so I lean back letting my purr grow louder. She smiles at me and kiss me on my forehead.

?General, you make me feel so much better after my bad day. You may have been meant for a Seed Pony, but I think you where more meant for me than the pony,? she say softly to me rubbing my ears.

Then it the phone rang, oh how I hate that phone it either brings my owner, joy, sorrow or failure. Or myself a trip to the dread vet, cold hands and that thermometer up my rear that I don?t want ever again. I get out of her lap and watch her go over towards the phone; I sit by her feet watching her expression.

?Yes I put that add in for a pollinator, ohh yes I know they coast a lot. Yes I know but, yes but, thank you for your help and advice,? said Meredith as she place the phone down.

Again another human telling my owner that she wasn?t offering enough for those bugs. How rude of them to do such a thing to her, she is trying hard and they have to break her confidences in to getting one. They should be a shame of themselves in doing this to someone. They should help her not make her give up, how I wish these humans where more understanding like us cats. The phone rang again if I was a human I would yell into the phone line and give them a piece of my mind in how much I disapprove of them doing such a thing to my owner and that they should be helping. I watch her for a moment then notice that her eyes went wide and how quickly she sat down. She was speaking quickly; I can see that she is very thrilled on what going on the phone.

?I will meet you at the caf? Sage to talk more. See you there,? said Meredith as she gets up places the phone down.

Sage I remember Sage a nice woman that is my owner close friend, I decide to wait for her to come home from the caf? that they go too. I have been there once it was nice little shop that allows even us animals inside to have a sweet treat and a lap of water while our owners talk about what else the newest seed or something related to them. This time I hear the door but it was close not slam but in a happy way. I can hear her skip down the hall and I hear her humming, she humming her made up song. That means she is extremely happy about something. Something must has happen with Sage at the Caf? to put her in such a good mood, I mean a great mood. She picks me up and cuddles me; she starts to dance with me in her arms. She puts me down a bit and starts to dig around in her saddle bag that she carries around where ever she goes. She pulls out a jar and holds it up to my face. Inside a yellow looking bug float inside flapping it tiny wings, and slams against the glass of the jar.

?Look General it the pollinator, I final got one and we can final get our first seed pony!! This is a happy day for the both of us,? Meredith says to me as she puts the jar down and picks me up again.

She runs her figures through my fur and starts to rub my ears. She kisses my head along with nuzzling her check into the back of my skull.

?We are getting our first seed pony and you know what. I might have bought you for the seed but I think you where meant for me and only me. We can by another pet for the seed,? she said to me while stroking my chin softly.

I have to agree with her, she is my companion and I?m her this seed pony shall not break our bonds. Of course now she will be on the hunt to breed one to get her first seed and then that green house will have it first new life form in it and it will love that green house as much as my owner.

Oi, to be young again.
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06-17-2007, 05:45 AM
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Ch. 2

Title: Protecting
Author: SilverStar2
Rating (G, PG, PG-13): G
Word Count: No Clue
Summary: The seed has arrived but with an unwanted danger. Will General do his job or will the baby die?

She was at it again, I don?t know what the big deal with these fertilizer that increase mutations but what do I know, I?m just a lazy cat. Of course who wouldn?t be excited on their first seed pony, but she was thrilled since she saved and hunt the stuff she need to get a rare dino seed pony baby. She had waited to get one of those Nymphush, those very hairy seed ponies. Instead she waited and buys her time to get a breeding to have a Cretaceon, as she told me about a thousand times or more a very rare seed pony. So rare that there where no males until a few months ago. My owner is like a cat she can wait longer and patiently more than any other human. Now she was making sure she had double of these fertilizers and gets them mix before the seed was born that way her seed can take these mutations and have them. I watch her run around the room before scooping the items up and place them into her bag, and then she grabs a large brown pot with a smile on her face. She looks at me and waves as she rush out the door to her appointment with the mixer then pick up her seed to planet in it. I shall take a nap until she returns, knowing her she will return quickly to put it in the gust room which she turn into a nursery for the seed pony.

?GENERAL, I?M HOME WITH OUR BABY,? shouted Meredith.

I jump from my napping spot on the sofa; my fur was sticking up and watches her walk in with a hug smile on her face. A smile I haven?t seen since she picks me up or getting her pollinator. She walks over towards me and kneels in front of me holding the pot in front of me. I look at it a bit and sniff at the soil, and then I lick the pot and nuzzle it with my head. I?m also thrilled about seeing this strange and rare seed pony. She goes over towards the coffee table placing the pot on it; she then pulls out a book and sits down on the sofa with me. I crawl under the book and nuzzle myself into her lap then look at what she was reading. Ah the care and life cycle of our seed, our is just has a nice ring to it. She will nurse and feed it, I shall guard it from whatever nasty bug might try to harm this baby but we will both love it. Ours yes, our baby and our responsibility to take care of the little thing.

?IT SPROUTED, look General look it sprouted,? I hear my own shout with joy.

I jump onto the table to look at the little sprout that was a sign to the both of us that our love and care was doing wonders for this little baby. I watch her run out the door to head towards the work; I shall stay and guarded our precious baby. I decide to curl myself around the pot to keep it safe from the bugs and other nasty stuff that might harm it and destroy it. As I have snooze must of the day I heard something, my ears pick up towards the sound. I look at the pot before given it a lick to check out the noise. As I prowl the hall ways I notice a rat, a RAT has gotten into MY house. I let out a might hiss and raise the fur off my body before chasing after that filth rodent. I will not allow it to be in my house with my baby still growing. I dash around after that rodent, up and down the hallways, quick turns and mishaps where I injury my head but it for our baby getting hurt is nothing compare if this rat destroy and kills the baby. I run back into the living room and hiss in surprise to see that rodent digging into the pot! I don?t know what happen but I rush over towards the table making a leap of life to save my baby. I chase the rat off the table and looks over at the pot with horror on my face. What have I done, I knock it over and the seed?I hope I didn?t kill it. That when the door opens to my horror as I lay around the pot meowing softly with tears going down my face. I didn?t look up to see Meredith face, I knew she was mad at me. I could feel it in the air, if I had that rat she would not be upset at me. She quickly dig up the dirt and plants the seed into the dirt then rush out the door hopeful to save the baby. I have done wrong so I will punish myself and go to my punishment cage for misbehaving. I take a snooze in front of my punishment cage since I can?t open the door myself, no thumbs. I don?t know how long I slept in front of the door but when I woke up. I wasn?t near the cage instead I was in my owner lap and her figures stroking my fur.

?General, you punish yourself for what you did? Good boy, I?m proud of you for taken responsibility for you mistake. But the seed pony shall be lock up so you can?t do that what you did again,? she speaks to me softly and kiss my forehead.

It was Saturday and I had myself in my sun spot with the seed pot right next to me. It had a lovely blue flower on it that made Meredith squeal happily. It wasn?t going to be long until the flower bloom and I was going to see that little baby girl. I raise my head and notice something going on with the flower; I let out a soft meow to Meredith who was sitting on the sofa typing up something her laptop. She stops and looks over towards me with a smile. She walks over and leans in towards the flower, and I look at the flower. We both let out an own soft grasp watching the petals slowly pull away. Inside the flower a tiny baby seed pony laid, her head was tuck between her feet. I could tell she had blue fur and the black tiger stripes that Meredith wanted. I could see gray hair with a blue stripe in it. She was curled up tightly so I couldn?t tell if she had a rump mutation on her or not. The little baby raise it head letting out a yawn along with a burp as well, Meredith giggle at this as she moved a bit away. The little baby open her eyes and look towards me with somewhat of a smile on her face. She raises her head a bit more touching my nose with her own tiny nose. She then lowers her head back down with a loud yawn again and tucking the head in between her feet. It was getting closer towards the evening hour and Meredith had decided to call it a night and take the baby with her to sleep in her room. I however have a rat to catch, it was still lurking around MY house and now that the flower was open, it would try and eat my baby girl. That when I heard it, that little rat I was going to get it and kill it. I kept my ears perk towards the sound of it feet running across the floor. My eyes adjusted to the dark and then I had him in my site. He notices me then took off and so did I. It was the same all over again until it slips under the door, the same door where Meredith and the baby slept. I know I was going to be put in the cage for this but I had no choice. My baby was in danger and I had to take this measure for her. I open my mouth and start to yowl at the top of my lungs. I heard her get up and mumble getting the door open. I slip in-between her legs to chase after that rat; I sniff around the notice it under the bed. She had the lights switches on, and then I notice him. I heard Meredith scream and saw feet moving along with squeaking. This was my chance to get that rat as I slip out from under the bed and chase that vermin out of the room and into the hallway. It dash back into the living room but this time I was head of it, I run under the table and I?m ready waiting for him. That when it jumps onto the floor looking for me that when I pounce on it with my paws extend. My paw swipe at the hind legs tripping the rat off it feet. The rodent tumbles onto the ground and that when I attack it; I grab it by the neck holding onto it. I hear a gasp, I didn?t look up I just kept my teeth on the neck. I then let go of it knowing that I have killed it. A shadow loom over me a bit then I heard the rustle of a trash bag behind me. I watch Meredith get the rat into the trash bag; I hear her feet running out the house. I however ran to check on the baby and hope she wasn?t hurt. As I get into Meredith room, I see the pot sitting on the high desk table. I walk over and careful jump so not to shake the table. My head turn to see the sleeping seed pony baby snoozing as if nothing had happen. My mouth curl into a smile, I walk over towards the pot and wrap my body around the pot. I close my eyes pretending to a be asleep but I hear my owner footstep coming towards her room. A felt a hand rubbing my head then a kiss on my head.

?You?re a hero General, you saved her. Your going to get a special treat for tomorrow boy,? I hear her say softly to me.

A special treat I don?t need, as long as this seed baby is safe this is my reward alone. I can?t wait to see what she will do once she is older.

Oi, to be young again.
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06-17-2007, 05:48 AM
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Ch 3

Title: Growing Up Seedie
Author: SilverStar2
Rating (G, PG, PG-13): G
Word Count: No Clue
Summary: General watches the baby grow and into a young teen. Of course a new surpise is add to the family.

I hear her coming this little Cretaceon or as we name her Silver Glow, her rump had a silver star but it had neon green glow around it. When she came down from the flower the first thing she did was pick me up but by my tail!

?Kitty,? I hear her shout.

OH gods she spot me, I run down the hallway but I hear those little feet of her coming after me. I turn quickly into the living room and take a flying jump onto the book case and climb up to the top to get out of her reach. I watch her lean up against the book case, her bright green eyes wide with a smile on her face. She frowns a bit then looks at the book case a bit. She got that look on her face, I know this look she is thinking and when she thinks this means trouble. I watch her from my spot as she looks around the room a bit. She then starts to climb the book case, to get me. I let out loud yowl sound to get Meredith in here to save Silver Glow before she hurts herself by bringing down this book case. Meredith comes running into the living room and gets Silver Glow off the case; I hear Silver Glow whine and then start to cry. Meredith look up at me and shook her head, she sit Silver Glow down.

?It all right sweetie, General needs time to himself and doesn?t want to be bother. I know you love him but you need to let him have time to himself. I do however have you something sweetie wait here okay,? Meredith say to Silver Glow and given her a kiss.

I waited and watch Silver Glow from my spot on top of the book case. I watch Meredith come back in with a plastic bag. I couldn?t see what was going on but it was something good.

?KITTY,? shouted Silver Glow.

?Mm hmm your own stuff kitty to love on and play with, General is still around for you. This kitty however you can sleep with and take with you ever? where,? Meredith said as she watch Silver Glow run off with her stuff kitty.

I climb down from my spot; I carry myself over towards Meredith and rub myself against her leg letting out a soft purr. She looks down at me; she picks me up in her arms and settles onto the sofa. I feel the fingers run through my fur, I hear her speak softly to me.

?I think she likes her kitty toy, do you agree General??

I let out a meow to agree with her and hopeful this stuff toy will save me from been grab and step on by her feet. It was day four of Silver Glow baby stage and she was walking a lot better than she was on day one. She carry her stuff cat toy around with her around the house, thankful the people at Meredith work understood about Seed Ponies and have given her until the Seed Pony was old enough to be left alone at home. I don?t understand that but then again what do I know. She was off the baby food and onto solid foods, of course she want to try my cat food. Thankful Meredith got her hook onto her new favorite solid food chocolate chip cookies with M&M?s in them. Of course she still tries to do things that she can?t do just yet since she still a baby. Of course now that Silver Glow is a baby a lot of other owners of Cretaceon bring over their boys for play dates to see how Silver Glow will act and get along with the boys. I can see future breeding plans going on in some of these other owners head hoping to get some of these mutations in there babies since their boys are carries or have one of those traits on him. I of course don?t like any of them. These other humans are just scheming to get what they want, why not get their own baby like her? Then again Meredith waited to get her baby girl so they should do the same. I don?t understand these humans and how they do things, do the seed get a say in the matter or not? Silver Glow just played with the other Cretaceon and enjoys it a lot. I decide to sleep in Silver Glow room tonight since this is the night she will no longer be a cute baby anymore, no she will be a young lady and things will change quickly.


I was right on the changes I like her better as a baby, not this loud teenager. Please let her grow into an adult soon or else I will be solid gray this constant yelling is going to stress me out. I watch Silver Glow walk into the kitchen, she had the tips of her hair dye in black along with it pulled in a braid, and it was some sort of fashion that the girl seed ponies are going through right now. She is wearing a silver necklace with moon pendent that had a star in between the tip of the moon around her neck. She looks at Meredith with a stern look on her face.

?MOM, why do I have a younger seed sibling like all my friends,? Silver Glow demand with a stomp of her front hoof.

?Well sweetie, I been saving at the moment,? Meredith was interrupted by Silver Glow.

?YOU got loads of stuff and many other things that people want; why not offer them for breeding? Come on mom, I want a young seed sibling please? I will promise to help you take care of it,? Silver Glow whine softly with a pleading look on her face.

I can see Meredith was thinking of something to say to Silver Glow in why there is not another seed pony around. I knew why she wanted Silver Glow to be an adult and responsible so she can get another seed ponies. She wanted to make sure that Silver Glow knew this and was trying to come up with a way to say it.

?You think I can?t do it? That it, just because I killed that flower doesn?t mean anything! I can do it mom, we seed ponies got to be death proof of not killing our own kind. Just got to water and sun the little thing and that it,? Silver Glow said.

UH oh, Silver Glow cross the line, I know that look on Meredith face and that means I?m OUT of this room and out the house. I knew there was going to be trouble so I left the kitchen and slip out of the cat door to the back yard. Oh gods I hate to be in that house right now. I think I will stay outside for awhile until later this evening, well not that long maybe before supper then I will go back home. Until then I will go towards the green house and explore it for awhile. As I get closer to the green house I notice something is off about, the door is open. I know Meredith has yelled and scold Silver Glow for leaving the door open and she was inside all day with me. So Silver Glow didn?t leave this door open someone must be in the green house. It can?t be Meredith I would have know by her foot step and her heavy breathing after she gets done yelling and scolding Silver Glow. So I check to see what was going on inside the greenhouse. As I step into the green house, I notice a dark figure walking about the greenhouse like it own the place, not for long with me here. I let out a loud hiss fallow by a loud angry cry, the figure jump a bit then walk towards me. It was another Cretaceon only it was a boy one, his body solid hunter green; his tiger stripe a warm gray with white under side. His eyes blood red matching his hair. He lowers his head looking me in the eyes then he smiles towards me.

?You?re General, Silver Glow talks a lot about you been cool and understanding,? he stated towards me.

So this is why Silver Glow leaves the door open all the time to meet this young male. Then I notice a few scars on his front legs, then I sniff the air a bit and smelt blood. His front leg was bleeding and bleeding bad. He couldn?t care but I can tell just from the smell. I dash out of the green house and back inside the house to let Meredith know someone needs her aid. As I dash into the house I notice Silver Glow and Meredith where staring at each other with angry looks on their faces. I let out a loud yowl that snaps them to look at me as I dash towards the hallway, I could hear them fallow me down and out the door. I lead them towards the greenhouse, as I rush in I see the male sleeping on in the grass. Meredith gasps, while Silver Glow said nothing. Meredith rush over towards the male and looks at the front leg he had sticking out. The male however woke with a start and surprise look on his face. He was ready to jump away when Meredith strokes his nose with her left hand.

?It all right, I?m here to help General brought us to you,? Meredith said to the male.

The male smile at Meredith then look over at Silver Glow, his face flush a bit then looks at me. Ah now I see, Silver Glow must like this guy because the red on his face tells me so or she likes him as a friend but he likes her even more than a friend. Meredith leaves the greenhouse but I stay here watching the two looking at each other.

?Sorry for getting you in trouble Silver Glow,? he said softly.

?It not your fault, it General?s fault,? she said as she glares at me.

?It not his fault, I got attack again, and he must of smelt the blood on me and got your mom to look at me,? the male said with a smile on his face.

?Yeah, guess your right. Sorry buddy,? Silver Glow said to me and walks towards me to give me a pet on the head.

After wrapping up the young male front leg is when Meredith and I hear about what are going on between these two little love seeds.

?It my fault that Silver Glow is doing this for me. I got attack by making fun of a group Equitops and I got out of the way but then they started to charge towards her. So lead them away and still I got hurt. She has been letting me stay here in this green house. Which I love, I wish I had a home that had a nice green house like this,? he said looking around the area with a smile on his face.

Meredith and I look at each other with both of our brows raise at one another, she smile and I had to purr softly. My way of laughing but still it was interesting to see how those two where looking at us as if we gone nuts.

?Well young man, you had a very interesting few days. Tell you what, you can live here in this green house and be part of our family,? Meredith said towards the young male.

I never seen his light up his every, he look over at Silver Glow who was stun in the face. He looks back at us then gets up slowly and onto his hinds to give Meredith a hug along with a kiss.

?THANK YOU, this means so much to me! Can? can I have? a name,? he ask sheepishly with blush on his face.

?A name huh, let me get a good look at you. Hmm well no rump mark. Tiger Stripes are notice able and General brought us to you.?

?Admiral! Lieutenant, Corporal, Pickle, um Seaweed, no Cabbage,? said Silver Glow then she giggled.

?Hmm well um wait Warrior that seems to fit you. You know how to handle yourself in a fight and General doesn?t like a lot of begins. So Warrior will be your name if you don?t like it,? Meredith said to the male.

The male sat there for a moment then nods his head with a smile on his face.

?Yes I?m Warrior, and like a Warrior I shall take pride in protecting this green house along with anything else that comes to live in here,? he said with a proud tone.

?Well as your MOM, I say sleep and rest. Come inside tomorrow for a good hearty breakfast along with more treatment for that wound. Good night son, Silver Glow wanna stay out here or sleep inside,? ask Meredith looking at Silver Glow.

?As if you know that answer, why trade grass for my nice comfy bed,? said Silver Glow and with that said she leaves.

?See you two in the morning good night,? said Meredith again then kiss Warrior forehead.

I let out a soft meow and watch Meredith leave. I look up at Warrior, who looks down at me. He let out a happy sigh then walks a bit towards the back of the guarding. The back of the guarding is design for sleeping, lush grass along cabinet that sat near a water rock pound. The rock design had it look like a waterfall that lead down into the large pound that had large kio fish in it. It had several large fish swimming inside the pound with a few lily pads. He walks towards the cabinet and opens that has several blankets and pillows inside of it. A few trees were near the pound that has hammocks hanging in the trees. Warrior took out a dark green blanket and pillow before walking towards the nearest hammock that was near the water pound. I watch him set up his bedding into the hammock before getting into it. As he settles down into it I leap up into the hammock. He looks at me then smiles. He places his hooves gentle only me petting me with a smile on his face.

?General, you?re my hero. I just hope? Silver Glow doesn?t see me as her brother. I kind like her, well you know as well a girl. Sounds silly does it, and I must look silly talking to a cat,? he said with blush on his face.

I raise a brow at him before purring low, he lets out a yawn and we both fall fast asleep to the sound of the running water.

I will be working on Ch 4, who knows what will happen, and how will General take it?

Oi, to be young again.
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