"Hello, how can I help you? This is the seed pony hospital. If your seed has been injured on a jungle tour this is the place to come. The hospital's service fees are listed below. If your seed pony is injured and you neglect him or her (meaning you don't take it to the hospital within three weeks after the injury) your seed pony will be given to another owner that can take better care of him or her. If your pony is injured it will be noted on your seed's page (Just click on the seed pony's image to access this page.) This message won't just pop up unannounced - if you run into trouble on a jungle tour adventure you'll know it! (This does not occur if you don't choose to go on an adventure!) To pay for the hospital bill, just send the jungle pebble fee to manajaq with a note saying what it is for, and your seed pony will be healed, and the message will be removed from your seed pony's information page."

Hospital Fees
Poison Therapy40 jungle pebbles
Mend Broken Bones100 jungle pebbles
Stitches50 jungle pebbles
Medications for various illnesses30 jungle pebbles
Braces for sprains50 jungle pebbles
Intensive Care140 jungle pebbles