Pet Store

"Welcome to the Village Pet Store. Does your seed pony need a friend to keep him or her company when you're at work or school? Well you've come to the right place! We carry a variety of pets which can include cats, dogs, reptiles, amphibians, rodents, and ferrets. Once you purchase a pet for your seed pony you can give it a name. If you find your pet and seed pony are not getting along you can give away, trade, or sell your seed pony’s pet.

Restrictions and Rules about pets: Each seed pony can have a maximum of two pets. In order for a seed pony to own a pet it must have at least 15 explorer points. The only seed ponies that may not have pets are kaiers. Most pets are afraid of flying, so they are not compatible with kaiers. You may only purchase OR sell one pet per month. Meaning if you purchase a pet only with the intentions of reselling it later, you have to wait a whole month.

We do not sell birds here. The only way for a seed to have a bird buddy is to inherit it from his or her parent. None of our pets are heritable – meaning the children of a seed pony with a dog will not have puppies of their own."

Each available pet is listed below with a little bit about him or her plus the cost of the pet. If you are interested in purchasing a pet for your seed pony please check the price first to see if you can afford it, and then contact manajaq by PM on PonyIsland.


Available Pets

Pet ImageAbout this PetPrice
This guinea pig loves sleeping and eating orange segments. 4 ingredients

Sold to Bristol.

This guinea pig enjoys being outside in the grass.4 ingredients

Sold to tbiris

This guinea pig can be a little grumpy, and needs a special friend.4 ingredients

Sold to Gauthier

This cat is very quiet and shy.5 ingredients

Sold to Vanyel.

This cat loves catnip and playing with toys.5 ingredients

Sold to Chem_Gal

This schnauzer is very playful and likes belly-rubs.6 ingredients

Sold to Zhuria