Rules and FAQ for Seed Pony Adoptables

Consequence for not following the rules: A warning will be given for a minor offense and the second time I will ban the offender. Any seeds/items the offender has will be reclaimed.

1. Owners are allowed to adopt one regular seed and one "special" seed each month. (Per person - not per PI account). (A special seed includes one that displays the bird-mimicry mutation, a custom, or a seed with a bird buddy.)

2. Images are not to be changed or used as anything but adoptables. The only exception is avatars - you may use your OWN seed ponies in your avatar.

3. Please do not claim these seeds as your own creation.

4. Each seed is registered to its respected owner. Do not steal another’s seed!

5. I am not responsible for money transactions between users (including breeding fees and seed pony purchases).

6. Adoptables are not available to trial users since we cannot exchange pg. Trial users are not allowed to have a greenhouse, items, or seed ponies.

7. Cheating and stealing is not tolerated.

8. After I confirm an order, payment for items and adoption requests is due within 24 hours.

9. You must use your PI account name as your account name.

10. You are only allowed to have ONE account at

11. You must sign in to your account once every six months or it will be deleted.

Trade Rules

T1. Seed pony ingredients and fertilizers can only be traded for certain things. Only the following types of trades are acceptable: 1 ingredient for 1 other ingredient (rare or common) - OR- 1 fertilizer for 4 ingredients - OR- for use as a breed fee (you decide how many or what ingredients/fertilizers you charge for a breed fee).

T2. Bird photographs can ONLY be traded for other bird photographs in a 1:1 trade.

T3. Pollinators will be treated like the seed ponies themselves now. You may trade them for any PI item, pony, seed pony, PG, BP, or RL$. You may not auction them. You are allowed one pollinator trade per month.

T4. Seed ponies: You may trade a seed pony for any PI item, pony, seed pony, PG, BP, or RL$. You may not auction your seed pony. When trading with currency (such as PG or $), please state a price, do not just say "will accept offers". To me that is no different than a silent auction. You may only be on the receiving end of a seed pony trade twice each month.

T5. All trades must include a note in the comments box of the trade function of your account including the name of the item you are receiving in return.

T6. You do not need to post on the forums to confirm a trade.

T7. Limited gifting is allowed. You are allowed to gift two items a month. If you are closing your seed pony account, all of your items may be gifted at once if you like.

T8. Artifacts (items won in through jungle adventures): They may not be purchased for PG, $, BP, or any other currency (real or game currency). They may not be traded for seed ponies, pollinators, or other adoptables & their items. Gifting artifacts is not allowed. They may be traded for jungle ingredients, fertilizers, and other artifacts. Trade amount is negotiable between the traders - there are no restrictions from me on amounts of stuff traded for an artifact. Artifacts are also allowed to be used as breeding fees.


*How to get a seed pony:*

Q: How do I adopt a seed pony?
A: To adopt a seed pony you must enter contests that are run on the adoptables general forum at PonyIsland or set up a breeding between two seed ponies (see FAQ on breeding). Additionally you may also purchase a seed pony from another player if he or she advertises that it is for sale/trade.

Q: How much does a seed pony cost?
A: The general adoption fee is 2,500 PG. You are only allowed to adopt a seed pony if you win a contest.

Q: Do you do customs?
A: Very very rarely. I will not make a custom for you if you ask me to. Customs are generally reserved as gifts that I give out or as bargaining items on my end. Some customs were also the result of special contests.

*Jungle Questions:*

Q: How do I get a camera and film?
A: Send the PG to manajaq and she’ll put them in your greenhouse.

Q: Do I need to buy a camera and film to use the jungle?
A: No, you only need a camera and film to take bird photographs (see the “bird watching” seed-link at the top of the page).

Q: How do I go on a jungle tour?
A: First, sign into your account. Next, click on the green seed button called "Jungle Tours." Next, follow the link that says "Jungle Tours" and scroll down to the bottom of the screen where it says "enter the jungle." Click that link.

Q: What happens on a jungle tour?
A: The jungle tour is just a search for items in an interactive image map. Click on the image map in various places to see if you can find any items.

*Regarding buying/trading:*

Q: Can I sell my seed pony items for PG or $?
A: Yes and No, some seed pony items (ingredients, fertilizers) cannot be exchanged for any currency. Pollinators are the only items that can be exchanged for PG or $.

Q: What do I have to do to trade items with someone?
A: Use the functions on “your account” page. Choose the item you wish to trade, and then the person you wish to give it to. In the comments box please indicate what you are receiving in return, whether it is another item (please name the specific item), the amount of PG, or the amount of $.

Q: Am I allowed to sell my seed pony?
A: Yes, you are allowed to sell your seed pony for any price you feel is fair and for any currency. You are NOT allowed to auction a seed pony. Please set a price for your seed when you wish to sell it. Do not just say, "I'm taking offers." That's really no better than holding a silent auction.

Q: How long does it take for a trade to get approved?
A: I will try my best to get it done as quickly as possible. Item trades shouldn't take more than a couple of days if you are trading an item for an item and BOTH items show up on my approval page. I will not approve of a trade until I see both ends of the trade showing up. If you are trading an item as a breed fee I will not approve of it until I approve of the breeding request (which may take a while depending on how long the line-up is for breeding requests). Seed pony trades may take a week if I am very busy since I have to change the tags and some other records.

*Regarding breeding:*

Q: What is needed for breeding seed ponies?
A: You need to have permission to breed two adult seed ponies (they must be named), a pollinator, and you must pay the pollinator fee (1,000 PG sent to manajaq). Please use the breed request function on the “your account” page.

Q: Can I breed two males or two females together?
A: No, you may only breed one male and one female together.

Q: Can I breed a cactacorn and a kaier together?
A: No, you may only breed two seeds of the same type together.

Q: Can seed ponies have twins?
A: Yes, a twin pollinator will guarantee twins, and sometimes (though rarely) cactacorn parents will have twins with a regular pollinator.

Q: How long does it take to get a breeding request approved?
A: That depends on if you have everything ready to go on your end or not. Breeding requests will not be approved if the pollinator fee isn't paid. Also, if either of the ponies is not ready to breed yet the request will not be accepted. If everything is ready to go then it also depends on how long the line-up of people with breeding requests is. I will not accept more than one request per day, and will only accept them when I feel I have time. So, short answer - it depends.

Q: How do I get a pollinator?
A: Pollinators are special items that are found in the jungle. You may also purchase a pollinator from another player, but only if they advertise that it is for sale.

*Other questions:*

Q: What is the url for the seed pony forums?
A: Also, see the link at the top of the page.

Q: What is a seed pony?
A: A seed pony is an adoptable image that can be displayed on the owner’s PI presentation. It is a mix between plant and animal. It grows from a seed to an adult seed pony in seven stages.

Q: How do I put my seed pony on my presentation?
A: Copy and paste this into your presentation – but change the number so it matches the ID number of your seed pony. (remove the spaces)
< img src= "" >

Q: How can I see what other seed ponies people have?
A: Click on the button named “Owners” and browse through other owner’s greenhouses. You can also use the search functions on that page to look for specific types of seed ponies.

Q: What is the most common seed pony type? What is the rarest?
A: The most common seed ponies are cactacorns and nymphushes. The rarest breed is the elusive porpoid.

Q: When can I use my fertilizer on my seed?
A: Color fertilizers and male/female fertilizers must be used before the seed reaches day four of its life (according to the tag). Mutation fertilizers must be used before the seed blooms (usually before day 8 if manajaq is on time).

Q: When can I name my seed pony?
A: You can name it once becomes an adult. Please post the name on the seed pony forums on the correct board.