Tattoo Parlor

"Hi there! Welcome to the Seed Pony Tattoo Parlor. Is your seed pony interested in getting a tattoo? We don't charge for our services, but your seed pony must have at least 25 explorer points to get a tattoo. Your seed pony must also be at least a teenager. Below you can see a few examples of our previous work. Your seed may get a tattoo anywhere except the rump (so it doesn't get confused with the rump patch mutation. Tattoos are not heritable."

"To have your seed pony tattooed just post in the appropriate board at the seed pony forums with these questions answered:

Where do you want the tattoo? (ex: hoof, check, right front leg, etc)

What do you want the tattoo to be? (anything within reason)

No tattoo will be alike so please do not request one that someone else has. If you want something similar that's fine. For example, if one seed pony has a rainbow tattoo you can still ask for a rainbow, it will just be a variation on that theme. Example images would be helpful if I don't know what the object is.

Previous customers: