June 17th 2008: The rules and FAQ page has been updated.

January 30th 2008: The mutations page has been updated to be more specific about which seeds you can and cannot use fertilizer on.

December 31st 2007: The birthday club has been re-opened for applications. Please check on the forums to make sure your name is on the list if you want to be included.

August 25th 2007: Updated my greenhouse greeting with a new little story. ^_^

August 22nd 2007:There is a raffle going on at the adoptables general forum of PI: Clickie!

August 18th 2007: The field guide is now finished. Clickie!

July 29th 2007: There are two custom auctions being held on the adoptables general forums: Clickie!

July 22nd 2007:There is a raffle going on! Clickie!

July 20th 2007: The academy and gym are currently open and accepting students. Check them out under the stores section. ^_^

July 19th 2007: The voting for the second designer showdown event is now open! Clickie!

July 13th 2007:Silvanon has set up the past jungle adventures so that everyone with a seed account can go on them! To go on these adventures just for fun (no seeds will be harmed and no artifacts will be gathered) check out the last link on the jungle tours page. There is also a thread on PI about it: Clickie!

July 12th 2007:Silvanon has added new options to the seed pony search function. You can now search for "special" stuff including seeds with bird buddies and custom posed seed ponies.

June 22nd 2007: There is a newbie event going on at the adoptables general forum on Pony Island tonight: Clickie!

June 14th 2007:Also - added to the Rules: You must sign in to your account at least once every six month or else it will be deleted.

June 14th 2007: The 2nd Jungle Adventure just opened this afternoon! Here is the PI thread so you can read about it: Clickie!

June 9th 2007:One last update that I forgot to mention from yesterday - you might want to check out the nursery. ;) I'm trying something new.

June 9th 2007: Second update for the day - I added a couple of questions to the FAQ as requested. ("How long does it take for a trade to get approved?" and "How long does it take to get a breeding request approved?").

June 9th 2007: I posted my last warning for inactive accounts. Anyone on the list will have their account deleted if they don't sign on to their account by June 15th! Please confirm that your name is not on the list: List of inactive accounts.

June 8th 2007: The birthday coloring contest is now open! Click here to check it out!